Indicators of Water User Association for Sustainability Transition: A Preliminary Model

Author : Jitraporn Somyanontanakul,Surangrut Jumnianpol and Sirinon Suwanmolee


In this paper, the researchers review criteria and indicators of water user associations to provide a preliminary model of water users who can manage water following the concept of sustainability transitions. The definitions of Water User Association (WUA) and the concept of sustainability transitions are starting points to design the desirable characteristics of WUA. Methods used in the paper are documentary research and in-depth interviews with key informants from twelve case studies. The paper will then propose indicators for assessing a water user group’s organization and performance with relation to water management. The authors expect that, apart from identifying shortcomings of a water user group in question, we will also specify capacity-building needed to uplift the water user group’s performance. Therefore, the indicators would increase the water user group’s capacity for managing water in sustainable ways.

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