The Survey of Employment Situation of Persons with Disabilities and Developing the Life-Long Social Protection for Persons with Disabilities

Author : Montakarn Chimmamee , Articha Naravorawat and Yanika Aksornnum

Abstract :

This research article aimed to explore (1) the current situation of employment of persons with disabilities (PWDs) by their different types of disability and, (2) the situation of employment of PWDs under the Persons with Disabilities Empowerment Act B.E. 2550 (2007) and its Revision (Vol. 2) B.E. 2556 (2013) and (3) to develop the guidelines of life-long social protection for PWDs. This study applied the sequential mixed-methods approach consists of two distinct phases: quantitative followed by qualitative. The instruments for collecting data were questionnaire and in-depth interview guidelines. Descriptive statistics was used to indicate the survey results. Meanwhile, content analysis was a tool to systematically summarize qualitative data. Theresult of the study found that:Approximately 51% of PWDs were currently employed or engaged in income-based work, while the remaining 49% are either unemployed, not currently working, or working without earning an income. Considering the various types of disabilities, the research findings revealed that PWDs who were not employed or had limited access to high-income jobs were the most vulnerable group. This includes personwith intellectual disabilities, those on the autism spectrum, and person with learning disabilities. PWDs who were unable to access employment promotion under Section 33 and Section 35 were up to 80%. In the case of disabled people who were engaged the employment promotion under Section 35, it was observed that a significant proportion of them, approximately 68%. Almost 80% of PWDs currently employed in the labor market lack social security coverage. This highlighted the need for the development and implementation of suitable policies to ensure adequate social protection for all categories of disabled individuals.

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