Vol. No.2/2566

Journal of Social Research Vol. 46 No. 2 2023

Synthesizing Knowledge on Risk Situations and the Rehabilitation of Informal Workers: The Case of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Writer:Borvorn Subsing et al.

Towards a Just Urban Transition: Promises and Pitfalls for Asian Cities

Writer:Chloe Pottinger – Glass

Strengthening Motivation for Performing Moral and Ethical Work Among Community Development Office Personnel in Kanchanaburi Province

Writer:Thanyalak Kingmanee, Panatda Thongyen and Rotjanaporn Srichuangchot

From Layering to Conversion: Investigating ASEAN's Gradual Shift in Dealing with Transboundary Haze Pollution (2015-2016)

Writer:Phurida Charusombat

Friends with Benefits Relationships: more than friends, but not lovers

Writer:Benjarong Tirapalika

Book Review - The Final Scene in the Killer's Dream: A Collection of Short Stories from the 6 th Science Fiction Short Story Competition

Writer:Natthakorn Soison